Doing business with AIM Capital Insurance Services will have a positive impact on our business growth from a compelling suite of life insurance and annuity products to client marketing materials and strategies, powerful conversation starters, presentation tools and videos, as well as training segments to help you utilize it all to expand your practice.

Whatever you need you’ll find the resources here.  Connect with us and we’ll help you on how best to put these tools and products to work for you. Call us: 800-488-7170 | Email us »

Life Insurance Awareness Materials

Materials to use with consumers to raise awareness, prospect, present and close. Includes videos, calculators, infographics, flyers and much more.

Generation Matters

Connect with clients and prospects of any age, any phase of life. Tips, strategies and materials to help you be generationally correct.

Power Up with IUL

All things IUL all in one place. Strong accumulation IUL and protection focused IUL products along with training and all the conversation starters, presentation tools, sales ideas and promotion you could need to power up your IUL business.

Policy Review Playbook

Your clients and prospects experience many changes throughout their lives and many of those represent time for new, expanded or improved life policies. Use this playbook to help identify and create opportunities.

AIG Quality of Life…Insurance®

Learn. Train. Promote Sell: A compelling life insurance product suite with living benefits automatically included at no extra charge with every life policy. Strong compensation, bonus program and support are just the beginning of the story at AIG Partners Group