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Life Insurance

Today’s life insurance is not just about the death benefit; it is also about how you can make your client’s the beneficiary of their own life policy.  All the types of life insurance policies we provide not only help provide for client’s families in the event of an untimely death but offer built-in no cost living benefits they can draw upon during life.

Living Benefits

Solving critical, chronic and terminal illness challenges.

Some of the most catastrophic interruptions to clients’ and their family’s lives are a major health event.   It presents major challenges to most such as cost of recovery care, lost income and just the cost of everyday living.  Chronic, critical and terminal illnesses can have a devastating effect on the quality of life no matter the life stage of a client.   The Accelerated Benefit Rider, is automatically included at no extra cost in all the policies we sell and can be used by clients for any purpose and in any way that helps them continue their quality of life.


Chris’ Story: The Amazing
Impact of Living Benefits. 

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Insurance protection at an affordable price with some surprising extras such as flexible terms allowing for the amount of coverage over the years that are needed not just the standard 15 or 30 years.  The ability to bundle with UL policies potentially creating discounts to premiums. Full convertibility and as always, living benefits.

Universal Life

There are compelling options to provide to clients today. 

  • Guaranteed Universal Life, life insurance with guaranteed return of premium and guaranteed minimum cash value.

  • Protection focused IUL, life insurance to help clients with long term personal and business financial security needs.

  • Accumulation focused IUL, life insurance that can provide both cash value accumulation and tax-free income potential

  • Combining GUL and IUL to give clients the best of both worlds, guarantees and accumulation.

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