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Mortgage, Life and Disability: Your house is the most important and most expensive asset you will ever own. Your entire life revolves around it. What precautions have you taken to safe-guard your home? A deadbolt on all the doors? A security system? Motion detection lights? A mortgage protection life insurance policy? Have you ever wondered what would happen to your home if you were to become disabled or, worse yet, if you were to suddenly die? Could your family make the mortgage payments without your income? Would they have to sell the house and move? Would their dreams die with you?

Critical Illness: Critical illness insurance gives you the financial strength you’ll need when a medical crisis unravels your life. Chances are you know someone who has had a heart attack, a stroke, or been diagnosed with cancer in the last six months. You don’t think it will happen to you, we all like to think that we are immune to a serious illness. If a critical illness strikes, you probably will live. But few of us are prepared for the financial burden of recovery. Health insurance doesn’t come close to covering all expenses. How would you replace your income or your spouse’s income while he or she helps care for you? A positive attitude and low stress are key to recovery. Think of the peace of mind you would have if you didn’t have to worry about your house payment or rent, auto payments or credit card balances. You could just focus on getting well.

Final Expense: Did you know the average funeral, including a casket and vault, currently costs approximately $6,000? Adding extras like flowers and obituary notices can add thousands of dollars to the total cost. Many funerals can run well over $10,000. If you passed away today, would your family have enough money to pay for your funeral expenses or hospital bills? With final expense insurance, your family can be prepared to help pay for these financial burdens, or even help with every day expenses.

Living Trusts: Do you own property in the state of California and would like to avoid probate? Do you have adult children that could fight over your assets? Do you have children from a previous marriage or marriages? Do you have minor children and need to plan for guardianship? Have you set up your power of attorney and healthcare directive? If you find yourself thinking “Yea I should really set that up.” What are you waiting for? AIM has partnered with estate planning attorneys that make creating a living trust simple and easy. Isn’t it about time to set things in order? Click here to fill out an interest card and an agent with contact you shortly. A Will is your wish list for after you pass away-a Living Trust is your voice from the grave. Don’t leave it to chance take the necessary steps to care for your loved ones. Remember proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance!

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