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The AIM Association, Executive Committee was formed consisting of 7 members who have over 100 years of financial marketing and management experience combined. The purpose of the Executive Committee is the exchange of ideas by experienced people to facilitate effective guidance and proper decisions. This is especially important, as AIM grows larger and expands across the country.

The organization has grown from a single individual to over 100, doing millions of dollars in business each year. This equates to over 7 million in paid commissions annually. AIM is one of the largest companies in the country for financial services marketing and management.

To become a member of the ExecutiveCommittee, an associate must annually produce and maintain high levels of business while being an individual of integrity and honesty in the company and community.

The members of the Executive Committee are Frank Winger, Jerry Ricketts, Jeff Rumsey, Brian Essex, Aaron Hoke, Ryan Hoke and Cameron Winger.

Meet the Team

Frank Winger

Frank Winger became associated with AIM right after graduating from Brigham Young University in June 1972. After 4 years with the organization, Mr. Winger became a part of the management team and currently manages the largest AIM office in Anaheim, CA. He became a founding member of the Executive Committee.

Jerry Rickets

Jerry Ricketts became an AIM Associate in 1977 and was inducted into the Executive Committee upon its creation. After coming to AIM directly from college, Mr. Ricketts received the training and support necessary to open offices in the Inland Empire.

Brian Essex

Brian Essex Joined AIM in 1990. In 1995 he was the first to open an office outside of California. Brian’s offices have the highest closing ratios and have turned out many top rookies and top producers. He is an excellent trainer and hasĀ been the guest speaker for seminars and offices across the country.

Jeff Rumsey

Jeff Rumsey became a AIM Associate in 1986. Mr. Rumsey was AIM‘s top associate 4 out of 8 years. In 1993 he went into management and in 1998 was invited to join the Executive Committee. Jeff now heads up the North Hollywood office with a “Million Dollar Agency.”

Aaron Hoke

Aaron Hoke joined AIM in 1998, and became involved in management just two years later. In the years 2001 and 2002, Aaron had won AIM?s prestigious TOP Organization award. Aaron qualified for the AIM Executive Committee in 2001, and continues to work out of the Anaheim office.

Cameron Winger

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