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Why is AIM Association a rewarding career?

Comprehensive Training Program: At AIM, we take your training seriously. AIM is dedicated to the continuous personal, professional and financial growth of its professional field force. The better we educate our Financial Service Representatives, the better you’ll be able to educate your customers. From the moment you join AIM, you’ll notice a decided difference. Our “Fast Start” training program is approximately 1 – 2 weeks in duration, and consists of online training, agency mentoring and actual face-to-face field training.

Continuous Support from a Staff of Experts: Even after you are established in your career, AIM offers ongoing workshops and programs to improve your knowledge of the business. Full time management personnel and professional trainers are there for your support in each of our local offices. We think it’s a wise investment in your future—and ours.

Company Support: AIM has been affiliated with many of the largest and best known Financial Services companies in the United States. Companies such as American General, The Hartford, Allianz, Aviva, Transamerica, North American, and many others. After joining our field force, you will receive plenty of help getting started. You will be trained using a system that works. You will receive product training, phone and presentation techniques, and pre-qualified leads and appointments. We believe that generating solid leads is the best way – in fact, the only way — to effectively sell financial products. Nobody generates them better than we do.”AIM’s lead system separates what I do from so many other people out there who call and interrupt someone’s dinner. I’m invited to call them. They have responded and they’re asking me for my assistance with a problem they have identified they have.” – Jeff Rumsey

A Rewarding Career: As an AIM representative, you’ll help families achieve the financial security they need and desire. You’ll also make a significant contribution to your community – and when you see the difference that can make, it’s more fulfilling than you could imagine. How much do you want to earn? Once you are trained and have some experience, your compensation largely depends on how hard you work. You have the ability to set your own pace and establish your own income objectives. You are the master of your own career path.”I’m so excited to see people who we’ve brought into the business and trained earning between $60,000 and $75,000 during the first year, which in this business virtually guarantees making substantially more in the second year.” -Jerry Ricketts

Flexible Schedule: Working at AIM can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for you and how you manage your time. You won’t be tied down to a mundane 8 to 5 desk job. You’ll be in a dynamic industry meeting with people at different times during the day and early evening. This flexible schedule allows you to do the things you like to do, when you like to do them, such as playing golf, gardening or spending time with your family. “I have free time. I’m able to spend time with my kids and still make money. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” -Ted K.

Bonus: AIM hasn’t changed the way you earn your income: we’ve enhanced it. With AIM you have additional earning potential through our bonus programs. This program allows you to earn more simply by producing quality business. “Some agents can receive between $15,000 and $20,000 just as a bonus.” -May Grove.

Conventions: Each year reps who qualify for the national sales convention enjoy a week of fun and relaxation at an exotic destination. Past convention sites include Hawaii, St. Thomas, Scotland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia and London. With only a couple of mornings devoted to meetings, the rest of the time is reserved for sight-seeing, golf and other fun activities.

Awards & Recognition: We have numerous award levels to recognize you for your hard work. There are many prestigious awards that you can earn.

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